Parallel-Zhooying Works Exhibition

- Aug 29, 2018 -

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Zhooying graduated from the Guangzhou Institute of Fine Arts and painting, San Francisco University of Art animation major, 2007 to present taught in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Many years of study abroad experience and the exploration of the unknown culture to let Zhooying body exudes a unique personality and breath, from her creation can also see the blending of multicultural.  Her work hides a lot of thinking and life emotions, and with some unconventional images to convey her thoughts and ideas, so that many symbols in the picture has a symbolic meaning.


The solid artistic accomplishment and the training lets Zhooying's creation can let own inner emotion flow, sometimes the abstract sometimes the stylized depiction has created its unique narrative way. Her gaze sweeps through every corner of the real world, collecting the emotional dilemma or interesting imagery of a particular detail, and then building a parallel world of overlapping and opposing.  But instead of a mirror she resets on the canvas, it is a new country that is deconstructed, reconstituted and refined, and breaks down the limits of species and space.


Zhooying's works are echoes of the overlapping of consciousness and unconsciousness, which are bizarre, grotesque, fanciful, unreal, but more wide and rich than reality. Regardless of whether the real world exists in parallel space and time, in the Zhooying construction of those in parallel with the reality of the magical environment, we will see the infinite possibilities, but also the Zhooying art path infinite possibilities.

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