Romantic Love In Traditional oil Paintings - Love Is A Kiss

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Romantic love in paintings

The classical love depicts by French writer DumasFor love people can pay out their lives without hesitation, but not reply to love itself. Love can’t be destroyed by time, farewell and disappointment. 

Love is a kiss

Kiss, the world famous masterpiece oil painting.

Traditional oil painting.jpg

Kiss is one of the most famous artworks by Gustav Klimt, who is Austria Symbolism artist, which was created during his gold stage of career. He painted in gold foil most at that time.

The original of Kiss is a square painting, presenting a couple of lovers by deep hug, their bodies twined together by long gown. This kind of technique of expression influenced art nouveau, arts and crafts movement at that time. Austria Symbolism covers gold foil to the traditional oil paintings, which makes paintings stand out its modern sense. Kisscollected in Vienna Beauty Palace Austria Beauty Palace Museum presently, looked as the early 20th century classic extensively. Kiss is the representative works of symbolism, as well as the most popular artworks of Gustav Klimt.  

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