Romantic love In figure portrait paintings - Love Is Sometimes In Vain And Helpless

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Romantic love in figure portrait oil paintings

The classical love depicts by French writer DumasFor love people can pay out their lives without hesitation, but not reply to love itself. Love can’t be destroyed by time, farewell and disappointment. 

Love is sometimes in vain and helpless.

Vain Courtship》 is world famous masterpiece artworks, it is famous figure portrait oil painting about love. 

masterpiece portrait oil painting.jpg

Alma-Tadema let himself return to nature even more on his later years, he turned the ancient time folk-custom norm in arts into sexual relations basic framework, in order to reveal the tender and fine change of original human beings’ love. This painting refers to his gallery as its background, the woman in the painting staring at outside of window, seems falling into thinking  as if deep in thought, the admirer keeps a certain distance from her, based on his helpless expressions, no one can get anything that he did something.

Sir Lawrence Alma-TademaFeb 08 1836 Jun 25 1912is British Victorian artist, came from Netherlands, showing super high art gift from childhood, he went to Antwerp Academy of Arts in his 16years old, and studied in Hendrik Leys studio. He created 400 pieces famous masterpieces during his over 60 year artistic career.

Vain Courtship Romantic love masterpiece oil painting figure portrait oil painting. 

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