Romantic Love In Portrait Reproduction Oil Paintings - Love Is To Be Accompanied Each Other

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Romantic love in paintings

The classical love depicts by French writer DumasFor love people can pay out their lives without hesitation, but not reply to love itself. Love can’t be destroyed by time, farewell and disappointment.

Love is to be accompanied each other.

Raphael and Florina

This masterpiece portrait oil painting created in 1814, 66.3cm long and 55.6cm wide, painted by a famous artist, neo-classicism Angle, originated from a duet image, named as Raphael and Florina, there is a  Black eyes girl seating on the Raphael’s leg in painting, which makes the artwork into pop fashion photo.

Raphael never married, but there is a beloved in his heart beyond comparison, who is his lover Florina. Florina is a mystery in Raphael’s life, she worships him, cares him, protect and love him, she often keeps watching his painting work quietly by standing far away from Raphael’s back. She is absolutely the inspiration and source of Raphael’s artistic creation. It is said they are lovers by tale from renaissance as start, and prevailing by 19 century, so that turned into public popular topic then. 


famous oil painting handmade reproduction portrait. 

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