Romatic Love In Classical Portrait Oil Painting

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Love is to cast amorous glances at each other


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Romantic lovedefined on this world famous masterpiece oil paintingSwing.

Swing delineates a young beautiful lady who is swinging, behind her back, there is a old man sitting in the stone bench, who is delighting his young wife, the wife is younger at least 40 year old than him.

The young wife enjoys the moment, as well as the old man. However, he never expected wife’s happiness just came from a young fellow deep inside the grove, not himself. The young lady never stopped to cast amorous glances at the young fellow, even throw off her shoes to the young fellow deliberately.

It is said that the young fellow was the buyer of this masterpiece portrait oil painting, the famous banker John Julian. Obviously, the buyer plays the peacock for his love history deliberately.

This world famous oil painting painted completely meticulous, such as the scene of the garden, the grove, both are very beautiful, this painting represents the noble art spice at that time.

The original oil painting of Swing created by French artist Fragonard, the painting finished

around 1766-1768, size is 83X 66cm, now collected in London Wallace Exhibition Gallery.  

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