The 21st Beijing International Art Fair 2018

- Aug 12, 2018 -

Beijing Art Fair (art Expo Beijing) since its inception in 1997, based on the local, international, contemporary fusion, after 20 years of careful building, Beijing Art Fair has become the most comprehensive, the largest volume, leading art development trend of the art festival, in the Gallery, art institutions and collectors to build the most extensive and most efficient exchange platform and information platform, the city has become the oldest, the highest specifications, the most popular, most influential first brand art exhibition. 


The 21st session of the 2018 Beijing Art Fair is scheduled for August 30, 2018 to September 2 in China International Exhibition Center (Old Country exhibition, North Third Ring road 6th) portrait staged, once again for the Chinese and foreign collectors to offer a magnificent art feast.


Under the guidance of the policy of building the Beijing National Cultural Center, 2018 Beijing Art Expo will be the theme of "The Future of Arts and Crafts", the special exhibition area of contemporary international Gallery, famous recommended exhibition area, classic art exhibition area, contemporary art design exhibition area, jewelry Antique collection exhibition area, etc., will join hands with more than 100 galleries, art organizations exhibiting, will provide art collectors and viewers with a unique contemporary art experience and feelings, will provide the majority of collectors and viewers with more exquisite, characteristic of the art discovery and exploration platform, at the same time through a series of forums and lectures, as well as links to the art of the capital of Beijing Art Tour,  Let you feel the most intuitive China's booming art market.


Invites the Chinese and foreign galleries, the art organization, the jewelry, the Antique collection organization participates in the Beijing Art Exposition 21st session Grand meeting, meets the golden autumn Beijing, altogether builds magnificently!

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