The Development Of History For The Landscape Oil Paintings

- Jun 08, 2018 -

As an independent genre, landscape painting was founded in 17th century by Dutch painters. Before this, the description of the scene is more in the background of figure painting. The development of oil painting landscape has undergone several stages, such as classicism, realism, impressionism, post impressionism and modern symbolic scenery. Still life is drawn from everyday utensils, flowers, fruits, food, and prey. The painter uses the material to express the sentiment, use the still life description to reflect the breath and the time characteristic.


What is the beauty of the material of oil painting? (1) The beauty of the color layer is the combination of the transparent and opaque characteristics of the painting, which is the inherent order and criterion of the color painting. (2) Texture beauty is the beauty of the three-dimensional texture, which is presented by the special material of oil painting and produced in the brushwork process. What kind of production and shape to create what kind of texture. Therefore, the texture in the oil painting is unavoidable.


What is the aesthetic value of oil painting? (1) The ability to reproduce natural beauty painting is accompanied by the development of human civilization and science and technology gradually. The appearance of oil painting let the whole history of painting in the reproduction of the depth of nature has a big step forward. The ability of oil painting to create three-dimensional illusion of space and the true degree of natural objects, as well as the richness and depth, have greatly surpassed other kinds of paintings, and painters use superb oil painting techniques to effectively create the beauty of nature and the beauty of human spirit. (2) The beauty of ideal and the beauty of ideal in form is a kind of beauty which accords with people's subjective desire when the natural beauty is refined and standardized. The normative manifestation of the ideal beauty is the formal beauty. The reappearance of nature in oil painting and the pursuit of ideal beauty are both abreast. The classical oil painting pays attention to the realistic and the ideal the proportional grasp, is the human esthetic feeling standardization reflection, it stresses the symmetry proportion, the smooth line, the mellow shape, the harmonious color, the elegant sentiment.


Meanwhile, the ideal beauty changes with the change of the Times and the difference of the artist's individuality. In addition to the stylized beauty, there is the Baroque style bold and gorgeous ideal beauty, there are simple, heavy natural beauty. The pursuit of ideal beauty brought about the digging of form beauty. In the late stage of oil painting, mainly in the form of beauty exploration for the purpose, the improvement of oil painting techniques to make the transformation of the form of color, so that the painting works.

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