The Scientific Method Of Oil Painting Cleaning

- Mar 10, 2017 -

Whether it is placed in the warehouse or hanging, will be able to touch a layer of ash, if the oil painting has dust cover, the most scientific cleaning method is to the art supplies shop to buy the size of Langhao pen, brush the dust off the screen, but remember that before the painting must be clear whether the surface of the canvas has been cracked or loose parts, if so, Don't touch those parts.

The most taboo of oil painting works is to wipe with a rag, not to use a damp rag, with a dishcloth to rub soapy water more dangerous, moisture will enter the oil painting delicate muscle texture is difficult to come out, the older oil painting above there is a layer of light paint, and water vapor will produce a layer of gray lime effect, as if the work is bleached, Moisture will also cause the canvas irregular shrinkage, the uniform adhesion to the pigment is more unfavorable, if the problem has been very serious, or find professional advice is more secure.

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