Blue Ocean Landscape Oil Painting

Blue Ocean Landscape Oil Painting

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Flower oil Painting,

Large expanses of flowers, people intoxicated, sunflowers, houses and trees in the distance, coastline is beautiful, and a blue sea.The large lavender on the seashore is romantically overflowing with oil paintings, It is perfect for a holiday.

    The light and shade in the oil painting landscape is the light reflected by the object under sunlight. The main emphasis is on space and volume. Strong contrast between light and dark can create a sense of space. The main scenes can be painted solid and thick, but vice versa. This not only shows the interest of the picture, but also enhances the sense of space.The key to performance at the spatial level lies in the handling of the three levels of scenery: the near, middle, and far. We must learn to face complex scenes, consciously organize, summarize the scenery, and use perspective, color knowledge, and various methods of processing. Cold and warm are the essence of oil painting landscape. Under the illumination of natural light, the bright part is warm, and the dark part is relatively cool. For example, the bright part is yellow, and the dark part is purple (contrast). Cold and warm contrasts can also create space. The close-range view is warmer and the long-range view is cooler. Thickness and thinness of pigments: Thickness of foreground and thinness of vision. Because of the thinness, it is possible to push the vision very far. On the contrary, the thick paint can pull away the thin and thick distances. Many painters will use the paint to build a thick texture.



Load Port: Shenzhen

Size: can be different size according to buyers’ requires.

Packaging :                             

1.wrapped by plastic film 

2.rolled up with a tube 

3.wrapped by hard paper 



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