Decoration Oil Painting Rich Lotus Leaf

Decoration Oil Painting Rich Lotus Leaf

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Still life oil painting, Appreciating a painting has two levels, one is the surface and the level of the content; the other is the level of the inner, formal, and the thoughts conveyed by the figurative painting. A very clear part of it is conveyed through the combination of the objects it describes. The abstract painting is expressed through the graphics and colors on the screen. These graphics and colors do not need to constitute a life scene. That is, these graphics and colors do not need to constitute a story. Instead, they use them directly to express the painter’s thoughts.therefore, color processing is the key to the color processing of oil paintings. The success or failure of a painting largely depends on the artist's tone treatment of the painting. Abstract painting is still a matter of recent decades.  


PaymentYou can pay by: paypal, credit card, t/t etc.

Handmade: 100% Hand-painted

Package: Canvas stretcher bar: Wrapped with bubble bag and packed in a strong carton.


1. Can you manufacture customized shape, logo, and package? 


2. What is the warranty of your products?

The Warranty are 3-year, 2-year and 1-year warranty.

3. What is the lead-time for average order? What is the shipping time?

The lead-time for average order is 5-25 days. And 3-5 days by express ; 5-6 days by Air press.;25-35 days by Sea.

4. How can i place an order?

Please inform your requirements as clear as possible. So we can send you the offer is better to contact us with Skype/email /phone within project begining, in case of any delays.