Art Old Stuff on Canvas Still Life Oil Painting

Art Old Stuff on Canvas Still Life Oil Painting

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RR-SL-066: original art oil painting for sale, oil painting original art, original artwork, painting artwork

Competitive price + quality guaranteed + prompt delivery = our business advantage.
Shipping is to be available for any places from all over the world, can by air, by boat, by express etc.
If you have any images or artworks to send us for reproduction oil painting, it's no any problem in terms of quality, delivery timing, price…
Oil on canvas oil painting, packing is roll with tube.
This famous artwork oil painting can be decorated for anywhere you want, like library, hall rooms, home etc.
It produced by Dafen famous artists 100% hand painted.

1) What's the difference between original paintings and reproduction paintings in terms of their prices?

  50% higher for the original paintings generally.

2) How about the size for above still life oil painting?

   Actually, any size can be made, the original for this one is 60*60cm.

3) Can you show me more similar pictures in addition to those on your website?

   Yes, just send us your inquiry.

4) Can you help me to choose the frame?

   Yes, it's no problem, actually some good frame factories are our cooperators.


Andrea Bodan

Born in 1895 in Menaci in the province of Oise, in the province of Oise, he studied at the Art Deco School from 1911 to 1915. He traveled to Italy in 1921. His greatest influence on his studies was his acquaintance with Juan Gris. In doubt, he admires and understands his teachings better than anyone else.


Eugene pudding

Born in Honfleur (1824-1898), he died in Deauville. Two-thirds of the picture is the sky, one-third is the sea surrounded by a small beach, and the beach is full of colorful women's dresses. This is the scene that came to the attention of people when they mentioned the name of Pudding.


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